Double Chocolate Mousse Cups





Happy Valentine’s Weekend, all.


I hope it is happy for you; as happy as it can be. Single or taken, what matters is if you are loving where you are and more importantly, who you are.  That’s critical every day, though easier said than done- I know. So whether you just-can’t-wait for that fancy dinner date or you are going to stay at home with a bucket of Coconut Bliss (bottle of wine. Whatever. Both! It’s your special day.), please remember to look at you- and make sure you love you. As much as you can.

Here’s a nifty idea… add some Double Chocolate Mousse Cups to that grocery list! Wine, ice cream, mousse, chocolate. You’d be stoked on being single- more treats for you! And let’s face it- that’s a pretty important aspect of life.


xoxox emma (all those xos!)

Double Chocolate Mousse Cups
    Servings4 servings (maybe for just one person!)
    Recipe Notes

    First, make your chocolate dessert bowls! In silicone or other flexible containers, or muffin tins lined with muffin liners. Take half of the melted chocolate and cover the inside of these containers with chocolate- set in the fridge to cool. You may need to “paint” on another layer, so depending upon how thick it is first going on, you may want to save some chocolate for the second coat.

    While that is cooling, start on your mousse! Melt the chocolate using our hair dryer method or in a double boiler. Use an electric mixer and beat the aquafaba until peaks form. Add a tablespoon or so of the aquafaba to the melted chocolate and stir gently until incorporated. Gently fold in this chocolate aquafaba mixture to the rest of the aquafaba, pouring in spoonful by spoonful, and very lightly stir it- just enough to incorporate it.

    Chill your mousse in the fridge while you deconstruct your chocolate bowls. Place bowls on a plate, and fill with mousse! Top with berries or... shaved chocolate.

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