Iron Clad Dates


Things I love (let’s say, in no particular order):

  • peanut butter
  • dates
  • chocolate


Things that I should consume more of but find taste unpleasant outside the realm of gingerbread themed goods:

  •  blackstrap molasses.

The thing is- it is super healthy. Very high in iron, calcium, vitamin B6, selenium, and magnesium. While this recipe doesn’t contain a tonne of this black gold per serving, it’s a start! And of course, those things I love certainly help make it taste rather tasty, at least in this recipe.

No bake and super easy to make- hope you enjoy =)





Iron Clad Dates
Servings7 dates
  1. Melt your chocolate carefully. While it is melting, mix up the peanut butter, blackstrap molasses, cacao powder and vanilla bean until smooth. Slice your dates open length wise on one side of them, and take out the pit. Put a bit of the PB mixture in each of the dates, and then dip them in chocolate, and then sprinkle them with cacao nibs. Ta da!

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