Stock up and Save: While supplies last!

We have some gorgeous existing packaging begging to be filled with gorgeous chocolate bars!

We have The White Stuff available as well as Salt of the Earth- if the community wants enough of them, Kaffee bars and Coconut Crisp bars will be made, too.

It's time for a a pre-sale to get through some of our beautiful existing branding and help you stock up on some stellar bars. It takes a village- if we sell enough of the pre-sale for the Kaffee Bars and the Coconut Crisp bars, we'll run this batch! If not, you just get a refund... The White Stuff and the Salt of the Earth Bars are ready for you :) 

$25 if you order a 5 Pack- you'll be happy you did!

And- they have a best before long past the 2024 Holiday Season- hint hint. (Just make sure they survive the summer heat!)