Delivery Options

We are going to start offering, select free local delivery- please use this coupon code upon ordering: FREEDELIVERY

Here is what we have for May:

May 15th- North Van/West Van

May 30th- East Van/Burnaby North

We will leave your parcel on your front porch, if not provided further instructions. 

If you live in an apartment, please be sure to be home for receiving your delivery, and please have your phone on you so you can answer our call/text. If you don't answer the text/call, we will have to leave with your order... and you may need to come pick up at the factory.

Please provide your phone number with your order!

Please note: due to high auto insurance costs, we will only be able to deliver 6 days/month, max. Please check back for the delivery schedule, and also be sure to keep yourself posted via social media. 

Remember- you can always pick up at the store. Our new hours are posted on Google and are as follows:

Thursday - Saturday 1 PM - 3 PM 


Thank you so much! A lot!