Chocolate Covered Salted Vanilla Bean Caramels: Six
Chocolate Covered Salted Vanilla Bean Caramels: Six
Zimt Chocolates

Chocolate Covered Salted Vanilla Bean Caramels: Six

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It took... a long time to get these caramels right. Maybe several years? (Off and on, let's be honest- nobody likes a dramatic queen.)

But the result was very satisfying.

Amazing caramels- creamy, chewy... caramelized. Covered in chocolate and so delightful. You could even share them, as there are 6 pieces per box (but if you don't, it will be our little secret). And, with a little sprinkle of Marphyl's fleur de sel- chef's kiss!

Ingredients: dark chocolate (cacao nibst coconut sugart,  cacao buttert), coconut nectart coconut buttertcoconut sugart, vanilla beant, sunflower seed oil t   (used on equipment during processing)

t vegan, organic, ethically sourced

Allergen Information: Made in a vegan facility! We use nuts, peanuts, coconuts, sesame and gluten. May contain traces of these ingredients, as well as maple sugar and vanilla bean.


Customer Reviews

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Tamara Parks

Addicted and it’s all Zimts fault.

AHHHHH!!!! The guilt is REAL! xoxoxoxoxo

Lise D

I have always been a fan of Zimt chocolates, and finally realized that I can order directly to have it shipped across the country as I no longer live in Vancouver. The caramels are delicious, so worth it! They are chewy, sweet but not too sweet, the perfect treat. As they are little heavenly gems, I chose to not share.

You chose wisely, Lise! Enjoy <3 <3 <3 and a hug from Van!

Chewy bits of heaven

The only problem with these caramels is that my husband insists I share. They are one of my favorite treats; sweet but not overly sweet, chewy so you can immerse yourself in the flavour and that lovely chocolate coating that works so perfectly with the caramel. I become happy just thinking about them.

Ok so all you have to do is hide them in your closet and only take them out when he isn't home. Or just eat them in your closet, whenever you'd like. :D