Chocolate Nib'd Bar
Chocolate Nib'd Bar
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Chocolate Nib'd Bar

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$5/Bar if you order a 5 Pack- you'll be happy you did!

To help us with planning our production, this offer will be available until February 22nd, at 11:59 pm PST! But to show our appreciation for orders made sooner rather than later, we'll be including a little extra present for those that come in by 11:00am PST on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024.


Smooth dark chocolate and crunchy cacao nibs- a complete delight! Totally understated but once you try it... there's a good chance it'll become your favourite child.

Ingredients: cacao nibs*t, coconut sugart, cocoa butter

t vegan, organic, ethically sourced

Allergen Information: Made in a vegan facility! We use nuts, peanuts, coconuts, sesame and gluten. May contain traces of these ingredients, as well as maple sugar and vanilla bean.

Customer Reviews

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R Lechner
just love the Chocolate Nib'd Bar!

am so grateful Zimt Chocolates exists to produce and provide chocolate delectables!

Same here!!!! It's the best! Chocolate bar! <3


On a recent trip to Vancouver,Saw this bar while browsing the chocolate section of a natural foods store ..
Decided to try it, after reading the ingredients...Brought it back home and enjoyed every morsel :))

Peter that is such a sweet story! So glad that our humble (but excessively delicious) Chocolate Nib'd bar captured hearts and taste buds back in your home town! <3

Favourite chocolate bar💕

I just love this Chocolate Nib’d bar! Zimt is the best raw bar out there! Please don’t ever stop making them!

Thank you, Debbie!!! I hope more people buy them because they truly are *so so so so so* good!!! My fave as well!!!!

Jess Koehler
Nib’d Addict

Just a heads up when you buy the Chocolate Nib’d bar you’ll have to buy a thousand more. Make sure you have space in your kitchen because 1,000 delicious chocolate bars take up more space than you expect! Store bars around the house for quick & convenient snacking.

Jess! Could not agree more- so happy you discovered and are thoroughly enjoying this hidden gem. And thank you for the pro snacking tip!