Thanks for loving our ethical vegan chocolate company est 2011! Orders above $75 qualify for free shipping throughout most of Canada :)
Thanks for loving our ethical vegan chocolate company est 2011! Orders above $75 qualify for free shipping throughout most of Canada :)
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Sea Salted Turtles
Zimt Chocolates

Sea Salted Turtles

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Toasted pecans, caramel, chocolate, salt- sounds pretty disgusting, doesn't it? 


Well hey now, let's stay open minded! These are actually pretty good. In fact, one may describe them as a 'top seller'- and a repeat offender, at that. 


6 lil turtles per box! 


All Organic Ingredients: cocoa nibs, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, coconut, coconut nectar, roasted pecans, sunflower seed oil, sea salt, water,  vanilla bean. 

Allergen Information: Made in a vegan facility! We use nuts, peanuts, coconuts, sesame and gluten. May contain traces of these ingredients, as well as maple sugar and vanilla bean.

Customer Reviews

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Jess Koehler
Sea Salted Turtle Hoarder

If you’re reading this please don’t buy these. I need them all to myself. I want to eat them every day. Forever. They are happiness & pure joy. Plus no turtles were harmed! Please buy something else so I can keep up with my addiction. :)

Please step away from the turtles, everybody, so Jess can be owned by her addiction. Tysm. <3

To die for

I couldn’t hit the order button fast enough - and I wasn’t disappointed. The perfect blend of sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy, decadent and wholesome. I’m afflicted!

This sums em right up! Kind of the best of all worlds, combined in one treat which really could not be big enough :)

Mykala Theodysseus
Absolutely delicious!

What a time to be vegan! This was the best vegan chocolate I’ve ever had! Will definitely be ordering them again!

YES! Thank you, Mykala!!!! So happy you are enjoying!

Dale Leier
Awesome Possum

When I heard Zimt was making sea salted turtles I ran to the computer and fast-typed my card number. In just a few short days I received my box along wth some usual order of goodies. I could go on and on about this but let me just say the turtles did not disappoint. They were creamy, delicious and tasty in every way. Best of all, no actual turtles or any other animals were used in their production!

Nothin' like a turtle free turtle, hey, Dale?!

Absolutely the best

These turtles are so delicious. The caramel is to die for, oooie, gooie but with a great texture bite. The flavor along with pecans and chocolate is paradise. I love that the turtles are not overly sweet which many other brands are. The sweetness is just right which really allows you to appreciate all the flavors involved in the making of a turtle. Can't wait to get more.

Ah! Thank you!!!! Very proud of the caramel- only took about 6 years to perfect ;)
Turtles are sweet enough, you know? May as well keep it real .... and tropical.