Upcycled Pack!
Upcycled Pack!
Upcycled Pack!
Zimt Chocolates

Upcycled Pack!

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The bars and macaroons don't always turn out as beautifully as we would like- they're fine by us but, you know... not by some people. 


We know you'd appreciate some of our hideous, delicious creations instead of having them create more waste in manufacturing, so, here we go- the dream pack! The chocolates themselves are packaged up in upcycled parchment paper from our enrober and the Just Say Chocolate is in an upcycled jam jar- because they were really piling up... (washed and sanitized first, of course). 

Peppermint Nib'd Bar x 1

The Milkless Way Bar x 1

The White Stuff Bar x 1 

Double Chocolate Macaroons (2 pk) x 1

Just Say Chocolate (180 g) x 1 

(Usually, a 'perfect' set like this would go for around $35, but let's reward good behaviour and go with $25 :)) 


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