Zimt Café

Limited pick up for the first bit of July- until July 10th, pick up will only be available on:
June 30th from 11am through 5:30pm
July 9th from 12pm and 5pm
*Baked Goods Only Available on June 30th! Not on July 9th.*
Come visit our chocolate café! 
We are located at 1336 Clark Drive, Vancouver (BC, V5L 3K8). 
Baked goods, great coffee and of course, delicious chocolates await.
Th-Sa: 1-3
Closed BC Statutory Holidays
Due to the Coronavirus, we will be adjusting our café hours. Please also order online for pick up in store. You can use the code INSTOREPICKUP for removing delivery charges upon checkout!
Please be sure to check out our Instagram for more frequent updates about which unique (always vegan + organic) treats we have in store.
Note: Please place your order by 9pm the night before you come to pick up, if you are ordering baked goods (brownies or cookies).
Parking Information:
Parking out front is available M-F, 9:30am-3pm and after 6pm
and anytime on the weekend!
Weekends have no parking restrictions.